Reprodicable crash in Layout view

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  • Hi

    Trying to make a quick 'Breakout' type game as a test, and C2 crashes every time I do the following:

    Open THIS file in C2, use CTRL+Wheel to zoom in to paddle/ball area and align ball with top of paddle. Whilst the ball is still selected, click the 'Save' icon. This causes my Visual Studio JIT debugger to pop up every time.

    Any chance of some kind soul trying this out for me?



  • Work's fine for me :/

  • Works fine for me on r56, Windows 7. I just nudged the ball down a bit and hit save. Did I do something wrong?

  • I don't get it. Crashes every time for me, as shown below:

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • If you click Yes, does Visual Studio have any useful information in it? (Lucky you have it installed!)

  • This is from VS:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Also noticed this slight screen corruption - don't know if it's relevant:

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • It's not corruption, it's an instance of tha paddle sprite :)

  • :)


  • ** Update **

    Now on build R57, and this .capx stills either shuts down with no message or throws the JIT debugger, when trying to save.

    All other .capx (demos, downloads and self-tests), and a newly started breakout .capx are working perfectly.

    I think I'm giving up on this as an 'X-File' and moving on.


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  • I don't think anyone else can reproduce it, so there's a chance it's an issue with your machine or as you say a one-off... but looking at the stack trace you posted I'm not so sure. Keep an eye out for similar issues and I'll take a second look if it comes up again.

  • No problem.

  • Just crashed out on my latest .capx :(

    Everything has been fine, then I decided to change the x and y values of my Breakout tiles from 64x32 to 32x16, so I could get more on screen. I added lots of tiles using CTRL+C and CTRL+V, then added a Text object and renamed it 'txtScore. I then clicked on the Save icon, and C2 closed itself - no error message or JIT or anything!

    When I checked the .capx, all my work hadn't been saved. So I added a new tile and clicked Save and it's OK again.

    I'm testing each thing I did bit by bit now to see when it fails. I may be a while.......

    ** Quick Update **

    Added half a dozen blocks (original size) and Text object and still OK.

    But when I started resizing the blocks, I noticed that after changing the x/y to 32/16 and clicking on the next tile, before changing it, I re-checked the first tile and the X and Y size was blank. Even if I tried re-entering a value, it DID change the sprite size, but the field remained blank. Position values seem to be missing on some also.

    Keep saving as I'm going and all is still OK. All blobk types resized, and still no problems.

    Now adding lots of new blocks in a pattern using CTRL+C, CTRL+V. Added maybe 30 or 40 blocks without saving....

    Crash. JIT raised.

    ASHLEY. I don't see how this can be a problem with my PC. I think that's enough for now. The only way to get more detail would be with debug info.

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