Replace Colour effect not working after export!

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  • I have a monster sprite and it creates a new instance every time it was destroyed and i think it's rather dull to see the same monster over and over again so I added the replace colour effect and set the replace RGB to random(255) so the monster created will be random colours every time, and it works perfectly in preview mode, but when I export it suddenly this effect does not work. Any ideas to solve this?

  • I just tested on a project that recolors a bunch of SpriteFonts, and it worked.

    Replace color does require WebGL, are you testing in a browser that supports it? (or turn off WebGL before export?)

    edit: to make sure I made a test with just a green rabbit sprite, using recolor to turn it a sickly reddish color. So if WebGL isn't supported, it will be green.


  • Oh it works for my pc but not my phone. I guess mobile browers don't enable web gl?

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  • You need a mobile browser with support WebGL in android the chrome and the firefox (the last versions), in ios I don't know

    other option if you like to export to android is use the intel crosswalk.

  • Closing as not a bug. Use the 'effects supported' condition to check if effects will work on the current platform.

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