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  • C2 has been crashing a lot for me but it's not one thing in particular, it seems to be anything..like C2 gets in some state where no matter what I do from then on it'll crash, such as..

    -Previewing the game

    -Opening the image editor

    -Editing an object's properties

    -Adding an event

    -Sometimes even clicking an event or anywhere on-screen

    -Waking up my PC with C2 running in the background for a while

    doesn't matter how long C2 has been open either - it can happen 2 minutes in or 5+ hours in (although I rarely can keep C2 open that long w/o a crash!)

    Specs: Win 8, intel core i5 2500k, GTX660 w/ latest drivers, 8gb ram.

    And of course C2 still crashes upon closing. That one happened as soon as the image editor was added and has been around since.

    That's about all I can think of...Thought it might've been a RAM thing at first because I usually have lots of other programs open with C2 (skype, dropbox, tiled, graphics gale, FL studio, excel, etc.) but I don't think I've ever gone past ~50% so eh..

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  • There is genuinely very little we can do unless you can reliably reproduce any issues.

    The fact you have latest drivers doesn't mean it's not driver issues either - I still have some driver hangs and Windows "reset GPU" messages on my laptop with a GeForce GTX and latest drivers. If you can get any information about the crash, especially the faulting module, that would be useful.

  • Tokinsom what version are you running? I had bad crashes for a few versions, but 134 fixed it. I guess there were issues with the webgl renderer. If you're not on 134 or 135, that may do it. If you're updated, I got nothing.

  • Did you say the Laptop was asleep? I seem to remember that being something in the past...

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