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  • Problem Description


    I have posted last week to Ludei site becauce of RAM management problem in my iOS-App.

    I have link to bug post site, where is description of my problem.

    There i got answer to my post: [quote:3bsoirlv]This is a problem derived on how memory is managed using Construct2. C2 loads every file in the project at the beginning. We've implemented some mechanisms as disposal of images, but it seems it isn't implemented in Construct2.

    Unfortunately there's few things we can do on our side, as C2 doesn't include memory management - Ludei

    Can you fix this RAM management problem in C2?

    Thank you for reading!

    Link to Ludei bug post


    Operating System, Service Pack and Programs

      Construct 2 : Windows 7 Home Premium
      Services used in Construct 2: CocoonJS
      Xcode : OS X Mavericks
      Phone used for app test in Xcode: Apple iPhone 5, iOS 7

    Construct 2 Version ID

    Relase 174 (64-bit)

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  • According to Ashley's post in HTML5 game dev forums about CocoonJS dispose(); is useless:

    [quote:31d1zbe9]When we talk about "memory management" we only mean lazy-loading image texture memory, which you say you've already got covered. We added support for lazy loading in Ejecta with some help from Dominic, and all existing browser engines already do that. CocoonJS's dispose() function is useless because by the time you call it it's too late - it already loaded the image data in to memory, it doesn't help stop that up-front cost.

  • I think this is a case of Ludei not exactly telling the whole truth.

    If you use search for relevant posts on Memory Management from Ashley, you'll gain greater understanding.

  • Thanks for response Joannesalfa and Zenox. Problem is solved with Ejecta .

  • The bug is in CocoonJS. Construct 2 does support memory management and it works perfectly on every platform apart from CocoonJS. It is CocoonJS that loads everything on startup, not Construct 2. We have repeatedly explained to Ludei how to fix this, and even directed them to our Ejecta patch where we implemented a fix to a similar bug ourselves, and yet unbelievably they continue to say it's our fault. It is not our fault. I recommend using Ejecta instead which does not have the bug that CocoonJS has. It's free and open source with no limits for commercial use as well.

    Closing as not a Construct 2 bug.

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