Ragdoll Example is blank with WebGL+Chrome

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  • That's it...

    I've set up the Ragdoll physics example to run on WebGL, Linear Sampling, and it only shows the texts.

  • I've tried it (and point sampling too) in FF 8.0 - XP, it works correctly.

    I also noticed the right click displays a contextual menu.

    Leos, is your chrome updated ? Your graphic card drivers ?

    Check in chrome if webgl is enabled. (something like "chrome::config" in the url bar, I'm not sure, I don't use it).

  • Yes, my graphic card's drivers are ok. It works well in FF here too, but in chrome I have this issue.

    Anyways, it should work in canvas2d if WebGL was disabled, right?

  • For me it works ok

    Chrome 15.0.874.121 m

    nVidia 8800GT, driver ver.285.62

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  • Browsers blacklist bad hardware and drivers that don't work, but I guess the blacklists are not perfect and you have an unsupported setup. If you disable WebGL it should work fine with the 2D renderer, but what's your hardware? Are you sure you have the very latest drivers? If it's a crappy old integrated intel graphics chip I won't be surprised, but most recent offerings from ATI and nVidia should be fine...

  • I'm sorry...

    Actually, ONLY the Ragdoll physics example shows a blank canvas (or grey) on WebGL(Chrome). Everything else is running fine.

    ATI Radeon HD 5500 here.

  • Have you modified the example in any way and saved over it ?

    Try downloading this version (this is the one on my computer) and test if it works better.

  • No, i haven't :/

    Now that I have enabled WebGl in Firefox, it's also showing a grey canvas with when using WebGL, just like in Chrome.

  • No, actually I just had a textbox there telling "webgl" or "canvas2d"... now that I deleted it, it's ok :) It seems the textbox bugs the canvas or something.

    But now this example seems to run faster in canvas2d than in webgl. Is it possible?

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