[R99]Corrupted file on duplicated behavior name

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  • I just had a .capx crashed with this error:


    Error loading project


    Failed to open project '\\?\C:\Users\Morphine Central\AppData\Local\Temp\cap1O1VSW\Game.caproj':

    behavior name already exists in object type

    Under element: c2project \ families \ family \ behaviors \ behavior-type

    Line 471, column 17

    The file may be invalid. Try checking the file in a text editor (projects are saved in XML format).




    How to reproduce:

    1 - Create an sprite, give him a behavior.

    2 - Create a family, put the sprite on it.

    3 - Give the family the same behavior, with the same default name.

    The behavior in this case was Rex_MoveTo, I?ve solved the problem by editing the sprite?s behavior name to MoveTo2.

    The likely reason the names where duplicated was because I?ve copied the sprite object from another .capx.

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  • I can't reproduce a problem with the exact steps you give, it correctly gives the family behavior name a 2 at the end and says the other name is taken. However if you rearrange the steps so you add the behavior to the family and the sprite separately, then add the sprite to the family, I can reproduce the error. It should prompt an error when adding to the family in the next build, preventing the problem from happening. Thanks for the report!

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