(r99) Crashes on "Objects with expressions"

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  • Hi,

    My system is a q6600 with 3.5gb ram (32 bit) and an Nvidia 6200 gfx card.

    On 2 basic projects Construct stops responding in Windows 7 whenever I click on the "Objects with expressions" in the events sheet.

    Please ask if you need more info and I will try to provide.


  • Another small bug:

    When I use an emulator for reference (so far Zsnes and Snes9x) and have been in full screen I cannot go back into Construct 2 if minimised. If it isn't minimised then the top bar goes black but is still usable.

  • I guess for the second issue, you should make sure your graphic card drivers are up to date, as well as your openGL drivers.

    For the first issue, what do you call "Objects with expressions" ? Can you clearly provide steps to reproduce the issue ? Does it still happen once the drivers are up to date ?

  • I will do so tomorrow and report back to you

  • Cool, updating the driver the the very latest fixed the "objects wirh expressions" problem but the second issue is still the same. Construct 2 won't maximise after Zsnes has been used in full screen and the bar turns black in Construct. Anyone had the same experience?

  • That happens frequently in here, too. If my computer goes into sleep mode, whenever I wake it and maximize C2 again, it's all laggy and with black bars.

    Now I just refrain from doing so.

    Maybe you should use Snes9X?

  • Ashley and Tom, or anyone related. I'd love this if it were fixed. Have tried multiple emulators and it still they buggered up in this. It's not the end of the world but I keep on losing work when I reference and can't reopen Construct.

    I love Construct btw!!!

  • I really don't see the relation between C2 and emulators.

    Also have you considered it could be the emulator making a bad usage of the drivers/graphic card ?

    I don't see how this could be fixed by C2 anyway.

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  • I can't reproduce any issues with Construct 2 going wrong after changing resolution or sleeping on a laptop. For example, open C2, go to Windows and change the monitor resolution, and C2 is still working correctly. I think it is the graphics card driver's responsibility to make sure C2 comes back intact after the display shuts down or changes, so I think all you can do is make sure your driver is up to date. I suppose it might depend on the driver since it works OK here, but all my hardware is fairly new and probably has better drivers.

  • It's an nvidia 7300gt with the latest drivers but I will try the onboard graphics and see if that affects it.

    Cheers for the reply Ashley.

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