r99 - cannot remove collision polygon point

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  • like in subject, cannot remove collision polygon point through delete keyboard button, nor through context menu.

  • I noticed this too. Hitting "Del" key shifts active points left. Maybe something to do with the move points with arrow keys.

  • this has to do with the X field for point's position, its focused all the time...

  • I find if you click the left options and change back to points its fine must just be a little hiccup bug.

  • In the image editor, at all time the X axis is highlighted, or actually the put at the start of the value. Selecting a polygon point and pressing Delete on the keyboard only removes the number on the x axis and moves the point to the left.

    The bigger problem is that right clicking on the point and clicking Delete doesn't do anything.

    I guess I'll need to put a reminder to change my collision polygons with the next release :P

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  • It's not actually impossible to delete collision poly points, it's just an inconvenient issue with focus. While the X and Y fields have focus, they receive all key presses (like Delete) and due to a bug the right-click menu doesn't work either. If you hit Enter the focus leaves the field and then you can delete and use the menu items. Anyway, focus is automatically switched when clicking in the next build, and that should fix it.

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