[r99] C2 Won't close

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  • After of 50 events and 45 minutes, i saved .capx as single file, then i close X, it closes the project but it didn't close C2.

    Sometimes i do Ctrl+Del+Alt and click end task, it shows an alert to click the close program button.

  • I can indeed occasionally reproduce this, but it seems sporadic and I've been unable to figure out what causes it. Are you able to find any particular thing in C2 that causes it to stop closing properly? i.e. if you start C2 and don't do it, it closes OK, but if you start C2, do something in particular, then close, it doesn't close properly.

  • I also stumbled upon this one. I discovered that if you load up last open project and then close C2 it closes properly.

    Don't know what causes hickups though, seems like it's random.

  • had this problem just once and it came up for me, when I closed C2 without opening any project.

  • It seems like if I close C2 when there's unsaved changes, and tell it to save, it will close properly. Most other times it won't.

  • just happened to me. this time, opening project and closing it didn't fix this. also, I opened a project, made a change, clicked the closing "X", it asked me to save changes, I clicked "save" - project was saved, closed, but construct is still open :(

  • I've noticed this twice today every time with C2 and Photoshop opened at same time.

    May be irrelevant but I think each time I had opened, modify and save some image files in Photoshop from Animations folder of currently opened C2 project. After that I could not close C2.

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  • this might be connected to the file locking bug, when you import multiple frames, c2 locks the files on disk.

  • Yes, usually Photoshop gives me an error, "this file can't be save cause other soft is using it blah blah..." and have to close C2 first, do my stuff, reopen it and images are replaced with new ones

    This time I didn't get that info (that's why i remembered that, bit odd) and after that could normally save and close project but C2 stayed open. Only ending process in tasks manager can close it.

  • It's a sign. You shouldn't close it.

  • I think I've managed to solve some errors with closing C2 for the next build. Closing for now, but let me know if you have any more trouble with r100.

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