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  • Hi there

    Sorry to be here again, but I think the or problem is still there. It�s getting fixed but too slowly. I mean, in this new release, it�s a step better than before, but it�s still buggy.

    Download test capx

    As you can see in the example capx, now, it works correctly with the first two or conditions actived, but, and if the third and fourth are active (and first two deactivated) it works correctly too.

    But, it 4 or conditions are activated at the same time, the 3rd and 4th the don�t work.

    The trick is to have conditions with only one or, but, in this case, I would have about 6-8 double conditions with the same event on each of them.

    Sorry for posting the same bug again, for my bad english, and as always, thanks for all your help and attention.

  • OK, I'll take a look for the next build again. But just so you know, I only ever set out to fix the projects you give me. So to prevent this step-by-step process, make sure you're submitting the final .capx of what you want to achieve, otherwise I won't be fixing what you ultimately need.

  • Ok, sorry man.

    Here it is: Final test capx

    What I would like is to check one step further from the player in every direction (8 in total) and if there is any box there, set it?s opacity to 50% for example.

    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7026907/test2.gif" border="0">

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  • OK, thanks, will try get it sorted for the next build!

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