[R97] Drag&Drop not working in IE10

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  • Hello!

    The DragAndDrop behavior is having some trouble on touch machines with Windows 8 Release Preview. Some observations below:

    I have a simple repro in this project sdrv.ms/N6gsoy

    1. I have a ball sprite with DragDrop behavior set.

    2. With Mouse it works as expected - I am able to drag and move it.

    3. Touch with Chrome in Win8RP: I need to double tap the ball before "On DragDrop drag start" event fires.

    4. Touch with IE in Win8RP: I cannot drag the object at all.

    I am sorry I don't have access to any other operating system with touch screen. Please let me know if you need more info.

    Thank you!

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  • This is because we don't yet support IE10's 'pointer events', which is their own custom version of touch events. If they just supported the industry standard one it would just work, but IE have to be different again :-\ It's on my todo list to add support for pointer events, so hopefully this will be fixed soon.

  • Thank you for acknowledging. Do we know why Chrome is expecting a double tap to grab the object?

  • I didn't know Chrome had enabled their touch events yet. Isn't it hidden behind a flag? If so, it's probably still just a work-in-progress and might have browser bugs.

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