[r95] ajax plugin ios 5.1.1 safari - blank screen

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  • hi,

    this is the first time i post a problem here

    when i create a project just showing a graphic it loads fine on all browsers including safari on an ipad 5.1.1

    when i embed the ajax plugin (without coding anything with it)

    it works fine with all browsers

    but on safari on the ipad the project won't even load or display anything

    can you help me?

    thank you


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  • hi,

    i was able to replicate the same problem on safari on my win7 machine

    i get this error:


    Assertion failure: A plugin is missing. Check the plugin IDs match in edittime and runtime scripts. Note this can also occur when there is an error in a plugin script that prevents the browser from loading the script - check the error console.

    Stack trace:


  • more news on this topic

    the problem appears with all versions after r92

    before that it works fine

    please fix that

    thank you


  • Oops, turns out Safari on iOS doesn't support a function the AJAX plugin uses. Thanks, fixed for next build.

  • very cool & very quick response time

    thank you !!!

  • I'm having issues in iOS Safari (and iOS Chrome) regarding the blank screen.

    I'm getting javascript errors and they started appearing after I made a few changes to the game (one of them, adding AJAX element).

    I'm running the last Construct version r95. Did you fix it?


  • diegog: According to the date of the posts, the "next build" at this period was r96.

    Now, the most recent beta release is the r99, perhaps you should test this release and see if your project works better.

  • Good to know, thanks!

    I'll give it a try

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