[R91] Can't load my game project anymore (crash)

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  • Hello,

    i'm working on the R91 beta, and I tried to load my game project this morning, but i have a Construct2 Crash. <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    I can load properly my other projects, and my game project backup (from yesterday) still works.

    The last time I saved and closed my game project, everything was fine, so I don't understand why I can't load it anymore (Construct2 Crash 100% of the time). If I can't load my project, I'll loose hours of work...

    Anybody have the same problem, or an idea to solve it?



    My config :

    -Windows 7 family premium 64bits

    -core i5

    -nvidia gt325 (with optimus system)

    -graphic drivers up to date recently

  • Ha, I just found something new.

    I tried to delete the uistate.xml file linked to my game project.

    Now my project can launch properly in Construct 2, but it will Crashes when i try to load a specific layout (my most recent work). Of course, all other layouts work fine.

    How can I load my layout without crashes?

  • Ok :D

    I just tried to delete the uistate.xml for the layout file too, and now everything works fine. I guess my layout was saved in a wrong ui state, so it couldn't be loaded by Construct 2, and the error wans't handled, so i had the Crash.

    The bug is less serious than I thought.

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  • cdrom1, can you share the crashing .capx file or project? We might be able to fix the problem so it never happens again.

  • Hello Ashley,

    Since I succeded in getting the solution to my problem, i didnt read the topic answers ^^'

    I don't have the crashing .capx anymore (it is solved now, and i dont have the "crashing" version of the file), but if I meet this bug again, i will send you my .capx.


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