[R90] Text Box Pinned to Sprite Bug(s)?

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  • This capx contains several combinations of dragdrop and pin behavior on textboxes and sprites.


    1) DragBox doesn't work on a textbox. This seems reasonable, although you can sort of click on the border without the textbox getting focus for editing so it seems like it might work. EDIT: Also, if you disable the textbox you can drag it, so I think this is probably okay.

    2) If textbox has pin behavior and sprite has dragdrop behavior and you pin textbox to sprite, drag works, but textbox wiggles around rather than being pinned securely in place.

    3) If the sprite has both pin and dragdrop behavior and sprite is pinned to textbox, the sprite doesn't drag. This may be as intended, I'm just not sure.

    4) Even though the textboxes have the default height (22) they are resized bigger when run. I've noticed that text resizes, but usually it gets smaller, not bigger.

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  • Well, the text box is a form control, it's not really supposed to be used like this. We have to work with the limitations of what the browser wants to do with form controls.

    1) I wouldn't expect drag+drop to work with a textbox, since the browser handles input to form controls

    2) It seemed to work OK here, but the text boxes lagged behind a bit (I wouldn't describe it as 'wiggling', just following closely). Again, we can't fix this, the browser draws the sprite earlier than it moves the textbox.

    3) This is intended: the Pin is effectively doing 'always set position to text box', which will override any dragging and dropping.

    4) The browser does this, to fit the font of the text inside the textbox. Again, nothing we can do, except you could try changing the text box font with CSS.

    I don't think any of these are issues we can fix I'm afraid.

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