[R90] Collision detection problem

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  • I PM'ed you the link.

    The collision detection, at least in this particular .capx, appears to only be detecting one object at a time, resulting in enemy ships flying straight through laser beams unharmed as long as something else somewhere is getting hit by them.

    More description and such in the comment on the event sheet.

  • Bumping this thread because it was hidden by a forum bug. Ashley - did you see it before or did it get missed?

  • I've discovered that the problem is specifically with collision detection on families, collision checks on an object not in a family work fine. Still happens in r92.

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  • I don't think it's specifically to do with families, it's that due to a bug the overlap condition would not test all combinations of instances. I've fixed it for the next build which I think fixes your example, but you should be aware of the CPU intensity of the number of collision checks you are requesting: if you have 75 spots checking overlap with 400 lasers, that's 30,000 collision checks per tick (1.8 million per second). You should definitely consider running that on a timer or finding some way to reduce the number of instances or collision checks.

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