r88 Assertion failure

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  • I just installed r88 and tried to run my game and got the following error message:

    Assertion failure: Picking instance to wrong SOL

    Stack trace:


        at Error (unknown source)

        at assert2 (http://localhost:50000/preview_prelude.js:12:10)

        at [object Object].ensure_picked (http://localhost:50000/eveng.js:143:3)

        at [object Object].DoOverlapCondition (http://localhost:50000/Sprite_plugin.js:776:11)

        at [object Object].<anonymous> (http://localhost:50000/Sprite_plugin.js:792:29)

        at [object Object].<anonymous> (http://localhost:50000/eveng.js:783:22)

        at [object Object].run (http://localhost:50000/eveng.js:459:43)

        at [object Object].run (http://localhost:50000/eveng.js:106:7)

        at [object Object].logic (http://localhost:50000/preview.js:986:36)

        at [object Object].tick (http://localhost:50000/preview.js:789:8)

  • Sounds similar to this bug, are you using 'is overlapping' events with a family? If so hopefully should already be fixed.

  • Yes i'm using overlapping event with family. I think I have same problem caused by the same events.

  • Same error here, caused by "is overlapping" conditions

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  • Lol.. not going to Dl r88 then.. my game is full of family overlappings

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