r87 audio not working on PhoneGap Build

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  • Hi,

    The audio in my games has been working on previous C2 releases when I export for PhoneGap and upload to PhoneGap Build, but the sound no longer plays.

    All is well on the LAN, it's just when I push it through PhoneGap Build no sounds or effects play.

    I've pushed three different games through PhoneGap Build today using r87 and no sound works on any of them.

    The phone I'm using is a Samsung Galaxy S2.

    Here's a basic capx that I built today to demonstrate:


    Press the beehive to make the sound play. Works on LAN, stops working when exported for PhoneGap and pushed through PhoneGap Build.

  • I've rolled back to r86 and audio is all working fine again - it's something that was done in r87 that has broken the audio. Maybe the work done to get PhoneGap/Cordova audio working (as opposed to PhoneGap Build).

  • Erm... are you sure? In r86 the code is wrong which breaks audio in PhoneGap. I could reproduce the problem myself and fixed it for r87 and got audio working fine. So it sounds like you've got it exactly backwards somehow!

    Are you including phonegap.js in the upload to PhoneGap Build by any chance? You should no longer do this, since it can cause problems.

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  • Yup, works with r86 when i include all the files. I included all the files for r87 too, so that must be where I've gone wrong. I'll check it out, thanks Ashley.

  • Ashley I've reinstalled r87 and there isn't a phonegap.js file included in the phonegap exporter, so I couldn't have included it by mistake.

    I exported my example capx again, as posted above, and audio doesn't work. Roll back to r86 and the capx above has sound working again. Very odd.

    Can you get sound on your HTC by pushing my example capx through PhoneGap Build?

    Many thanks,


  • Ashley sound is still not working for me on r87, i'm stuck with r86 at the moment. Anyone else having problems - i'm using the 32 bit version.

  • OK, I think the problem is PhoneGap Build sometimes hangs on to an old version of PhoneGap. e.g. if you upload with PhoneGap 1.5 it will stick with that no matter what.

    I've tried to fix this for the next build by supporting older versions of PhoneGap, so when the next build is out please let me know if it works or not.

  • Ashley thanks for checking this out, I've been using PG on the same machine since January, so it could well be the case.

    I'm really looking forward to the next C2 build, as I've been playing around with the physics behaviour and also some social media aspects and am just a few weeks away from uploading a major update to my Android apps.

    C2 really is an incredible piece of kit - if anyone told me even five months ago that I'd be producing games I would never have believed them.

  • Ashley

    Yeah! Audio all working fine again for me in PhoneGap with r88. I'm so damn pleased that this is sorted!!!! Many thanks.

  • Great, thanks for letting me know!

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