R84 Touch.Beta bugs caused by phonegap new version

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  • Hi,

    I think this is a acceleration bug, and I tried to find the cause of the bug. Maybe it caused by the new version of phonegap.

    I export files and delete phonegap.js in the folder. Then zip it and upload to PhoneGap Build. In the apk file "phonegap.js" is a new version(1.6.1),then Touch.Beta and Touch.Gamma cannot work.

    I think there is no error in my project. Because I used eclipse to build a apk it can work.(phonegap.1.2.js and phonegap.1.2.jar).

    Compare cordova.js with phonegap.js(version 1.2 exported by R84):


    // Get acceleration

    exec(successCallback, errorCallback, "Accelerometer", "getAcceleration", []);


    // Get acceleration

    PhoneGap.exec(successCallback, errorCallback, "Accelerometer", "getAcceleration", []);


    My Project capx


    System -> Touch.Beta<"-100"

    Action: Monster -> Simulate 8Direction pressing Right.

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  • I've made a change that might fix it in the next build. Please let me know if it works or still does not work when it comes out.

  • Thanks.

    I have tried the R87 version. Using Phonegap Build it doesn't work until I tilt my phone for almost 10 seconds.

    Hope R88 or R88+ can solve this bug, I will stay focused on this problem and give you feedback.

  • Hi, Ashley:

    I tried the R88 Version,You have done a great job.

    It almost OK to use touch/accelerometer input,but the frequency does't work. So it keeps the default interval in phonegap (10 seconds).

    If I use Uncompressed script, it's OK.

    This issue maybe caused by the code in minified script:


    Because the restriction of New Phonegap Version:


    // New:

    var frequency = (options !== undefined && options.frequency !== undefined)? options.frequency : 10000;


    var frequency = (options !== undefined)? options.frequency : 10000;

  • Ah, good find, it's a minifier bug. Hopefully you can work around by not minifying for the time being, I'll have it fixed for next build.

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