R82 Keyboard bug?

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  • Hi

    I installed R82 and for some reason the keyboard works fine in the menu, but when i start the race the keyboard has no input anymore?

    U can try the CapX

    The race controls are

    R = Acceleration

    Space = Brakes

    Arrow Left =Left

    Arrow Right = Right

    C = Camera to follow other players

    P = Helicopter View

    I could swich back to R80.2

    But if there is a work around then i like to try that first.

    Thanx for the help!

  • Too much plugins, this is probably code problem only.

    Try to remove elements in the code until your keyboard works again.

    Then you will have found the piece of code that causes troubles.

    Or try to reproduce the issue in a simpler capx to make sure it is well a bug.

  • I managed to pass around the problem by not using the textbox for the lap input.

    I did some research, and found that when the variable was set to (system --> set laps to Textbox.text) and the game started, that only then the keyboard did not react anymore.

    When the variable was set through system --> set laps to 3, and the race started everything worked.

    Strange but not a problem anymore.

    Thanx for your help.

  • Savvy001: perhaps it was the wrong type of the variable - Text

    possible solution:

    --> set laps to int(Textbox.Text)

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  • Joe7

    I checked it in a old backup, but the result was the same.

    Thanx for the tip, it is helpfull for the future when i need to set one to integer!

  • Maybe the Textbox has focus and is handling keypresses instead of the game? I'm not clear if there's a bug here or not?

  • Im not shure either.

    I programmed it so that when the textbox was filled in and a button was pressed, the textbox was set to be disabled.

    And the game would start.

    It did disable and the textbox did not recieve any more text.

    But after that the keyboard was ignored completely.

    I cant really tell u more than that.

    For my usage at this point it doesnt really matter anymore, because i programmed a different way of inputting the amount of laps.

    If however in the future i might stumble uppon the solution to this, i'l share it with u.

    Thanx for the time to be of assistance everyone.

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