r80.2 Keyboard arrow keys very strange behavior

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  • Intel Centrino

    Windows XP SP3

    Construct 2 r80.2

    I don't know how quite to explain this, but the arrow keys work really inconsistently when navigating the event sheet. This seems to be a newly introduced bug, since I never noticed this before. Just load up a relatively complex event sheet and you'll see what I mean. Many times the up/down arrows won't work, instead I'll have to press left, and other weird things happen. I'm sorry I can't provide more details,


    Open sample capx

    Click on the subevent so that the entire subevent is highlighted, press the up arrow, and nothing happens. Now press up and left several times in random combination and it sort of works.

    Sample capx:

    Navigation Error Capx


    Pressing B adds a blank subevent which is great, but unfortunately, hitting enter on the blank subevent won't bring up the event editor, so I can't add anything to it without clicking on it with a mouse.

    I'm not positive, but I believe this problem to be recent.

    -- cacotigon

    P.S. Thanks for making it so that the highlight event returns after adding an event/action via the keyboard, little things like this are great for people who've suffered from RSI injuries in the past.

  • Ah, arrow key navigation is working but it doesn't always re-draw the event sheet, and sometimes other keys/actions cause a redraw so it suddenly updates. Should be fixed in the next build.

    You can use 'C' to add a condition to a blank subevent, but to make it more intuitive I've added 'Enter' when an event is selected as a shortcut for add condition.

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  • Awesome, thanks a bunch. I look forward to it to the next update.

    -- cacotigon

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