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  • So, i just installed r80.2 and continued developing my game since that bug with sub-events had gone away , previewd the game few times with chrome added some events ....everything ok untill this pops up after i click preview :

    <img src="http://i40.tinypic.com/jb0efb.png" border="0" />

    i tried :

    Reinstalling c2 r80.2

    Cleaning my catch totally with ccleaner including chrome's

    nothing worked and i dont know what to do now ...

  • i also tried reinstalling chrome and previewing in firefox,nothing works,firefox also crashes !

  • What is crashing? Is it Chrome or Construct 2 that crashes? If it's Chrome, and Firefox is also crashing, it might be a bad sign for the life of your computer...

  • Yes chrome tries to preview the game however it crashes

    If i open chrome for browsing it works fine ,

    How can the pc be related when 2 browsers suddenly are unable to open the preview c2 is giving them ?

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  • ill try opening he same project and previewing it in my desktop pc...

  • Does it do this for any project you try to preview or just a specific one ? (the one you were working on)

    If it is specific to a capx, could you post it here so we try it and see if it crashes too.

  • hmm there must be something wrong with the laptop, the same project is working at the desktop exactly the same file, i dont know, ill try reinstalling windows in laptop dont know what happened , thanks anyway guys :D

  • the marked one check if Google Chrome is set to work in compatibility mode. If yes, try to disable the option to run in compatibility mode. If no try setting it to run in compatibility mode.

    To change compatibility settings manually for a program, right-click the icon for the program, click Properties, and then click the Compatibility tab.

    Another idea you could try is:

    Go back to properties like before. Under the shortcut tab you will see Target. The line ends with chrome.exe so just add --in-process-plugins after that. So the line should look something like this:

    C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe --in-process-plugins

  • Wink i dont know how but i got it working before i read your tips so i didn't have a chance to try them but thanks a lot :D

    i just reinstalled chrome and firefox and c2 cleaned folders and catch and registry (changed antivirus just in case it messed something up) and installed at new directories and it worked !

  • I'm happy to here you got it working marked one. Iv seen that error (0xc00000a5) quite a few times before. I am sure it has nothing to do with C2. A lot of people were getting it when windows 7 first came out, and every once in a while when you are installing, and uninstalling a lot of programs like C2. and others it can mess up your registry a little. But Iv always had luck fixing it with one of those to fixes I mentioned before, or a combination of both.

  • I think it's a bug in Chrome, not Construct 2. So I think this bug can be closed now.

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