[R79] Physics Object crashes Game

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  • I know, it's probably only me again. Anhow, maybe someone can recreate this behaviour.

    Take this CAPX and run it - is should work just fine...

    Than, edit the code: Select the object called "outletBorder" and add the physics behaviour to that object. Now run the Capx again....

    Here, it crashes (greey screen with a black line) on CHROME and FIREFOX...

    Is it just me?

  • You have a weird collision polygon on the object: there seem to be *three* collision points on top of each other on the long edge of the triangle. This is crashing the physics behavior - I'm not sure why it does, it's the Box2D library that can't seem to handle it. I don't think there's anything I can do to fix it myself, but you can easily work around by deleting the point on the collision polygon that's in the middle of the long edge of the triangle (you need to delete it 3 times) then it works fine.

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  • Thanks, now it works...

    BUT the collision polygon was the one c2 created when I loaded the PNG...

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