r79.4 Keyboard Shortcuts Problem

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  • This was also mentioned by Arima:


    The keyboard shortcuts as outlined in the keyboard tutorial such as Add Action (A), Add Blank subevent (B), and Add Condition (C) don't work unless a condition/event/action is *FIRST* highlighted with the mouse. Unfortunately, you can't navigate within the event sheet using tab / arrow-keys, unless you have clicked and highlighted, this seems to defeat the purpose of a hotkey, since I have to use the mouse in the first place. And after every event/condition/action creation, the event sheet loses focus and I have to click inside of it again.

    Seems like it would be an easy fix, just wanted to bring it up.

    -- cacotigon

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  • What exactly are you hoping to happen instead? If you press 'A' and nothing is selected, where should Construct 2 add an action?

  • I think that's part of the problem, every time you add an action/event, Construct deactivates the highlight focus in the event sheet, and there is no way to use the arrow keys *OR* tab to get the focus back, instead you have to mouse-click inside the event sheet, and only then can you make use of a keyboard shortcut, but that breaks the flow of being able to use keyboard navigation.

    After adding an event/action, the yellow highlight focus should not disappear, which would allow users to leverage the keyboard shortcuts to save time.

    Right now, in order to make use of the keyboard you have to:

    Mouse-click to highlight an event

    Type A to add an Action

    As opposed to:

    Mouse-click on the hyperlink 'Add Action'/'Add Event'

    Does that make sense?

  • Yeah - basically, I think the newly created ACE should be selected. Then instead of having to click every time an ACE is completed, a person can keep their hands on the keyboard and simply type out events.

    I also think newly created conditions and actions should be beneath the selected condition or action (if creating a condition when a condition is selected - if creating an action when a condition is selected, the new action should appear at the bottom of the actions list). Events already work this way - pressing E with an event selected creates a new event below it, and I think it's much better.

    Also, if nothing is selected and A, C or E is pressed, why not have it create a new event at the bottom of the event list? C and E would basically act the same, and A would result in a new event with an action and no conditions.

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