r78 to r79 broke textbox exisiting project

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  • I'm working on a project for a company. Since I'm using their files I can't upload the capx of this project (I signed contract blabla).

    Everything used to work fine, but yesterday evening I decided to update from r78 to r79. Turns out this morning that my textboxes are no longer working (in the existing project). Textboxes do work in a new project though.

    I tried turning of minimalizing scripts, turning off javascript and both chrome as firefox as browser.

    Any idea what may be causing this?


    setFocus from the events works and makes me able to fill information.

    This made me try to use tab and that as well made me able to reach the fields and enter information. So I guess it's a mouse related issue (I use the mouse Object)

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  • Ok "Fixed" it.

    It is indeed the mouse object who destroys the interaction. I added the mouse object to the test project (where the textbox was working) and the textbox stopped working as well.

    I can workaround this by doing a mouse.onclick(text) -> text.setfocussed

    But I liked the ease of the automatic version ;)


    workaround has buggy behaviour like: not being able to make a selection.

  • Thanks for the bug fix!

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