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  • Preview in default mode works well.

    Try to preview with other options will work at the first preview, but from second one, it previews in the default browser.

  • Are you saying using the other 'preview browser' settings still launches the default browser? Do you have all the browsers installed? They all work fine here, can you provide more details?

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  • Yes chrome, opera, ie, firefox and safari are correctly installed on my computer.

    Well, default preview opens Firefox.

    • Create a new project
    • Preview in default browser
    • Don't close the firefox preview
    • Set Preview Browser on Safari (or other)
    • Launch Preview, Safari opens
    • Close Safari
    • Don't change Preview Browser, launch preview
    • ... the preview appears in Firefox.
  • I'm not sure this can be fixed... by design if you leave a browser window open and press Preview, Construct 2 will refresh that window instead of opening a new window. If you change the preview browser and preview, then close it while leaving the old browser window open, Construct 2 can't tell whether it should launch a new browser window or refresh the currently open window.

    It was tricky to get Construct 2 to refresh an existing browser window, and the method it uses to do that is browser neutral (i.e. doesn't take in to account different browsers). So I think it might have to stay as a quirk. I suppose just remember you close browser windows before switching preview browser.

  • Okay, now I know how the 'bug' occurs I'll be able to think to close the browser windows ;)

    Thx Ashley

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