[r75] Hotspots not importing properly from old cap

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  • This isn't a serious bug or anything, but importing projects made in r74 into r75 doesn't do hotspots correctly. Going into the sprite and redoing the hotspot fixes it though.

  • What goes wrong with the hotspots exactly? Have you got an r74 capx I can try out?

  • Sorry Ash, I can't reproduce the error. The hotspots appeared to have gone to the centre. Maybe it was just a one off thing. I'll keep you posted.

  • I did change some of the code relating to hotspots for this release, it sounded like the kind of thing that might have gone wrong. Keep an eye out and let me know if anything else hiccups.

  • This is probably what I was briefly mentioning in the PM last night.

    My game is designed for portrait orientation, full-screen sprites for backdrops (1680x1050) are set to a 90 degree angle. To make things easier I moved the origin in r74 sprite editor to bottom left and then assigned the sprite to position (0,0).

    In r75 I sometimes see the sprite lined up properly (filling entire screen) and sometimes it is shifted, as if the sprite's origin was in its center instead of its bottom left. Resetting the origin in r75 sprite editor did NOT resolve this however.

  • Hey Ash, it happened again. I sent you the .capx

  • Do you have a reliable repro? I don't really know what to do if I have to spend 15 minutes editing to see the problem...

  • Hey Ash. Can't reproduce it from scratch, and while I was attempting to strip down the project to just the bug, I found that deleting a certain layout (TutorialDefunct) fixed the problem. Deleting individual objects from that layout didn't seem to fix it, nor did the problem occur with the sprite (Laser) in that layout. Very confusing.

    The problem should be evident just by running the "OrwellMansion" layout in the capx I PM'd you, without requiring you to edit it for a period of time.

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  • This appears to still be an issue with r76. I exported my r75 and tested it- everything looks good. Installed r76, opened the r75 project, hit export and now the hotspots have moved back to center instead of bottom-left where they used to be.

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