[r74] SpriteEdit bar buttons gone due to big image

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  • Repro:

    1.Enter sprite editor and load a large image 1200x1200 pixels.

    2.Run project and retur back to sprite editor for a smaller sprite 50x50 pixels.

    3.Left sidebar buttons (set image point & set colli. polygon)wiped out?

    I had to delete large image for buttons to return.

    Win7 64-bit

  • I'm missing something on point number 2.

    What do you mean by "return back to sprite editor for a smaller sprite 50x50 pixels" ?

    Make a new sprite ? Open the previous sprite and open a 50X50 sprite in it ?

    Also what image format ?

    I tried with sprite in png to the dimensions you said, icons are still visible.

    Also what is your monitor resolution and are your graphic card drivers up to date ? (What is the graphic card too btw ?)

    Could you provide a capx and precise steps /how to reproduce the bug please.

    So far I've been unable to reproduce it.

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  • -Yes you understood repro scenario correct. I retried now and can not reproduce!

    -Monitor Resolution: 1920x1200 32-bit color

    -Gfx driver updated 2 weeks ago(latest).

    -You can take any .capx I think this is related to editor not handling large sprites correctly.

  • Gfx card: Radeon HD 3400

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