[R72] "UpdatePosition" Bug?

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  • CAPX: dl.dropbox.com/u/604141/Public%20CAP/UpdatePositionBug.capx

    It also uses JesseJoh's HTML Elements Pack: scirra.com/forum/plugin-jessejohs-html-elements-pack_topic47084.html

    The problem only exists when two conditions are met;

    • Fullscreen in browser is set to SCALE
    • Unbounded Scrolling is set to ENABLED/TRUE

    Only when these two options are enabled, the iFrame object specifically, seems to be bound to the coordinates of the browser window itself rather than the layout/canvas. Using any means to move the object results in additional problems, causing the object to move unpredictably around the browser window (or even outside of it!) while using the mouse to resize the browser window at runtime.

    Using events to "create iFrame at X,Y" will also result in the object not appearing in the correct position.

    The problem is more obvious on a layout that is portrait in orientation rather than a perfect aspect landscape layout.

    After talking with Kyat and Newt in chat... we have all deduced there is a problem here somewhere. Kyat suggests it may be in the code from your button object, as JesseJoh seems to have used that portion of code in the iframe positioning. Come to think of it, I believe the buttons also suffer this same problem so it could indeed be related.

    If you need any more info, let me know. Thanks Ashley :D


    Added a button to the layout as well, and yes... it's the same problem with the button as well!


  • Here is a capx with just the button... since it will be easier to look at I guess: dl.dropbox.com/u/604141/Public%20CAP/UpdatePositionBug-ButtonOnly.capx

    I put a text box in there for positioning reference.


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  • Can you reproduce the problem using only official plugins? It helps guarantee the problem isn't caused by third party code.

  • Sure, just delete the iframe and the standard button still has the problem... see the posted capx in my second post, it only has a button with no extra plugins.


  • Does r73 fix this by any chance? Had a related fix for Button not positioning properly with scaling.

  • Ah, hadn't realised r73 was released. I have been busy with last minute Christmas cheer (tm) around the house. Will check it out ASAP and report back. :D


  • R73 fixes this problem, but now introduces a new one.

    Scale mode no longer scales properly when making the window smaller... only when it is made larger. It's fine at any size when the layout first loads, but will not dynamically size itself should the user change the browser window size (smaller only).


  • I confirm, scaling goes all crazy in FF and in Chrome.

    Launch an application full screen Scale mode in a maximized browser.

    Click the middle top right button of the browser so that it adjusts as a window. See that the scale stays the same, scroll bars may happen.

    If you modify the position of one of the scroll bar and go back to maximise the browser, than the canvas is scaled (zoomed in) and the scroll bars still appear.

    I have a buggy application in case you need, just ask me I'll mail it to you.

  • Thanks for confirming, Kyat :D


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