[R71] "Reload files from disk" disabled

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  • I'm not sure if I do something wrong but "Reload files from disk" is always disabled!

  • If you're using a .capx file there's nowhere to load the files from! So you have to be using a project folder.

  • Well yes I'm using .capx file, but I am afraid this is then pretty limited option and not working as I expected.

    Isn't possible to add to each sprite object inside .capx a reference to their image file on disk? So then this objects will know location from where to reload image.

    Now for any change on an image, I must firstly delete all frames manually because there is no "Delete all frames" option (and here I can't delete the last old frame before loading any new frame!!!) and then reload image with changes (and here I must define how many frames per image there are again and again). So I think this is pretty annoying if there are many frames per sprite object.

  • I disagree, When a project gets large, it is more efficient to save it to a project folder. This also has the benefit of being able to change the images if necessary without having to re-import them.

    Not all options are going to be useful to everyone.

  • OK, but if you have small project in .capx file you can organize your resource files in "Assets" folders on your disk and reload images from there when this would be possible.

  • I think getting Construct 2 to remember where image files originally came from is likely to cause problems. It probably would be pretty confusing if you move or rename folders, or if you send your project to someone else the option becomes useless again.

    So I would simply recommend you use a project folder if you want to use that feature... is that a good enough compromise?

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  • Well OK, but for instance, I converted .capx to a project and I got X number of images for every frame per sprite named like 001, 002, 003 and so on. This is unusable to me instead of to have all frames of a sprite in one image. Maybe I need to make a new project from the start?

    Anyway I don't see why should be a problem if you move or rename folders of objects. A user is responsible for that and must be informed to not change names of files and folder structure if want to update them. In that case there can be displayed a message "Error, can't find image to reload it".

    I'm just suggesting some improvements to things I found as a difficulties to me in a work with C2. At least, "Delete all frames" option would be also welcome.

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