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  • some troubles with importing sound, m4a sounds are shortened after export in construct, some small sounds are completly cut off, also sound different

    also want to notice, as construct import doesn't work for me (windows 7 needed), i have my own importprogram with the needed codecs, so i would like to skip the importstep, the sound are already compressed so no need to do it a second time,

    perhaps maybe this is also the problem of shortened sounds

  • How are you telling if the sounds are shortened? Are you playing audio in a browser? If so, the browser may have poor audio support, have you tried any other browsers? For example Safari for Windows tends to cut bits off sounds, it's a bug in Safari, your audio files are not actually shortened at all.

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  • its not related to browser, but its not construct bug either, my own converter does it too, its probably because of the change in bitrate or quality i think, and always with m4a files, i look into it later

    is importing without converting something that will be added? for the moment i cant use it anyway and there probably others too, you must have windows 7, i do have all the needed encoders and use them via foobar2000(audioconverter)

  • If you import .m4a files Construct 2 just copies+pastes the files to the project, it doesn't re-encode them at all. So I don't think this is a Construct 2 problem, it's either your encoder or the browser... so closing this bug.

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