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  • I am trying to add to my game a double jump and when I hold down the jump key my character glides down. But I found that if I press and hold the jump key when my character is already in the air he jumps as soon as he touches the ground, and it makes my game a bit unplayable.

    I have tried with just basic Platform behavior, nothing else, to check that it wasn't my double jump causing it to happen and it had the same problem. I am running r70, Win 7 64-bit, and Chrome.

    Couldn't find this posted before, if somebody has I am sorry for posting it again.

  • Have you looked at these threads?


    and This

    also This

  • I don't know where it went wrong but my problem has nothing to do with adding a double jump. Hence why it is in bug reports and not in How to.

    It has everything to do with how the platform behavior works. To put it maybe a bit more simply. When jumping (with platform behavior on character) hitting and holding down the jump key after jumping in the air will make the character jump as soon as it hits the ground again.

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  • It's probably by design.

    If you have trouble with this behavior as it is, you can always intercept the jump key with the keyboard object, and make the behavior act as you like. (preventing it from jumping again and rather sliding)

  • Even if it is by design, I think it shouldn't work that way either - pressing jump mid-jump and holding it shouldn't jump again upon landing, as almost no games work that way.

  • Jumping repeatedly while you hold down the jump key is called "bunnyhopping" and the platform behavior is designed to prevent bunnyhopping.

    I can't reproduce this with the platform behavior in a new project - can you upload a .capx reproducing this?

  • Yes I know what "bunnyhopping" is and that's not exactly whats happening hence why I didn't "use" the "term""bunnyhopping". I didn't say "bunnyhopping" because I didn't want people to misunderstand what was happening, but that seems to have not worked.

    As for seeing it in action, it happens in every game with platform behavior I play in multiple browsers and OS's. But if you want another one.


    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12875178/_.png" border="0">

  • Ah, I see the problem now. You bunnyhop once if you double-tap jump. It's fixed for the next build.

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