[R70] Export sound bug

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  • I exported my game, and noticed that there seems to be a universal bug for sounds. Basically, as far as I determine, whenever a sound is first played, it has a 3 or so second delay before it actually plays. Subsequent plays of the same sound are OK.

    Also, Firefox has a problem with music looping.

    As a final note, the very annoying 8-directional bug (where you get 'stuck' in a direction) in chrome still exists.

    Thanks, sqiddster

    EDIT: I also noticed that if too many of a sound is playing at once, it becomes distorted. Not just in export.

  • Sounds download before playing once you've exported. You might want to use the 'preload' action to start loading it on start of layout or something.

  • what about firefox music looping problem? I have it too.

  • It's inherent to Firefox itself.

    All users of Firefox have the same issue. Audio doesn't loop you have to workaround.

    Audio support in HTML5 is a mess, Ashley "composed" (no pun intended) with what he had to propose an audio function anyway in C2.

    Audio issues should rather be taken to Mozilla, their bugtracker and any appropriated medium.

  • So Ashley, am I then correct in saying that sounds do not download while the game is loading?

    Even if I preload them on start of layout, there will still be a delay for music, since it would take a while to download.

  • sqiddster - yes, sounds are downloaded on-demand and music is streamed, so both have a little latency. Sound effects are cached though so after the first once or twice they've played they should play instantly. People tend to have really huge sound effect files without looking at the filesize so I didn't want that to block the loading screen, especially if you've got your speakers turned off! So it loads them during the game, and you can start the ones you want loading immediately with the Preload action. That doesn't mean they're instantly available, they still have to download first.

  • That's OK - certainly better than the alternative of an insanely long loading time ;)

  • I don't know if it's the same bug but I exported a game on my server, tried to play it, everything is fine but I have no backing music nor sound effects. I exported, (sounds are ogg btw) and then uploaded straight to the FTP. I'm using google chrome latest canary. Thanks!

    Oh and another thing: everytime I export, then I come back to C2 and I have no sounds at all when I test the game. I have to restart C2 and then I have it back...

  • tomshreds, are there any errors in the browser? Did you set the right MIME types (under 'On your server')?

  • I get this inside chrome's console:

    Creating Application Cache with manifest mydomain.com/game/offline.appcache

    Application Cache Checking event

    chrome-extension://hdokiejnpimakedhajhdlcegeplioahd/onloadwff.js:608 : CS -> BG : FAILED rebuildcontext

    chrome-extension://hdokiejnpimakedhajhdlcegeplioahd/onloadwff.js:609 : CS -> BG : FAILED rebuildcontext

    chrome-extension://hdokiejnpimakedhajhdlcegeplioahd/onloadwff.js:6012 : CS -> BG : FAILED rebuildcontext

    Application Cache Error event: Manifest fetch failed (404) mydomain.com/game/offline.appcache


    My mime types are IIS's default ones.

    EDIT: You were totally right, I added .appcache and .ogg to them and now it's working fine! Thanks!


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  • Closing as I think all these issues are browser bugs/limitations, nothing to fix in C2 yet.

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