[R70] Event toggle red line does not appear

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  • This has been bothering me: Where is the red line that indicates that an event is disabled ? In fact there's i haven't seen it for some time.

    System : Win7

  • A red line for toggled events ?

    I'm afraid I don't even know what you are refering to. I just had a quick try in R70, when toggling an event, the condition gets cross lined, as usual, with a dark line over the condition to show it is disabled.

    Is that what you are refering to ? If so, apparently it works.

    If it is something else, could you post a screenshot of what you see/what you intend to see ?

    Sorry if I'm missing your point.

  • Yeah thats it. The cross line. If it appears on your machine , then it's something on my side. Thanks. I'll try to find the cause.

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  • Just for info i found it: A program called Gdippx was interfering with Construct. I just added Construct to exception list. And the line is black not red :) For some reason i remembered it being red. Anyway if this problem appears for anyone just do what i said. Thanks!

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