[R69] Platform and Sine. Sprite wrongly positioned

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  • It may be a bug so i'm posting here.

    Are they supposed to work together ? How the bug ocurred: Platform and Sine together. Sprite on solid. Sine initially off. When moving activate sine. When sine is activated Sprite is moved , in my case like 100 pixels up. Then it moves according to sine parameters. When sine is deactivated the Sprite returns to original position. Resuming: Sine movement starts at wrong position instead of initial sprite position.

    On Win7 Chrome.

  • No, platform and sine will not work together. They will fight each other and I guess sine will make platform go crazy. I'm not sure why you are trying to do this?! I'll see if I can improve it for next build anyway.

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  • It's for walking bobbing effect. Just a 2px up and down with low period. It works perfectly now thanks ! I asked since i must have same frame height to animations so it couldn't be simulated easily by putting image point on bottom and setting different frame heights.

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