R64 (&R65 now): unable to load/preload sounds

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  • I just installed the new version a few minutes ago. Trying a previous game I made, I realize now that the framework is unable to load any kind of audio file (ogg,m4a,mp3...)

    When I try to preload the sound at the start of the first layout, the game doesn't even load (the HTML5 loading logo stay just there, half filed).

    The problem is the same when I use "export", or "preview". In the preview mode, a Firefox is blinking next to the address bar, saying it can't find the ogg file.

    To be on the safe side, all the audio file are lowercase.

    In the previous version, everything worked fine. Is there something broken with the js, or is it me ?

  • Can you post the broken .capx file that doesn't work? Audio is working OK here.

  • Sorry for the delay, I got sidetracked testing other things on the Construct2 platform...

    Here's the file, with the same problem in the revision 65 of Construct2. It's a tiny example, mimicking what I'm trying to do in my project...


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  • Okay... I think I'm at the very root of the problem : between the keyboard and the chair...

    I realised that I was testing only on Firefox. When using extension slike Flashgot, some configuration can download attached media by default, preventing them to execute inside the page's environment. So in fact, that was what was preventing Firefox to finish the execution of the JS script...

    Sorry for the bothering.

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