[r59] capx crash and can't open

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  • I added Physic Behavior to the sprites series called "Alien_XXX",

    then put some events to create hinges for them.

    After running the layout to test, the total file crashed,

    can't open it again.

    <font color="red">Crashed Capx Download:</font>


    Just a bug report,

    don't waste time for fixing my capx, I'm familiar with remaking them anytime. <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • Here is your fixed capx:


    The Images for AlienActor, Alien_RightHand, Alien_Rightfoot, Alien_LeftFoot, Alien_Body, Alien_Head, Alien_Gun and Alien_LeftHand were all missing and need to be re-imported.

    This bug sounds just like the bug here, which should be fixed in r60.

    If it's different here is the check failure:

    Construct 2 Check failure
    Check failure!  This is probably a bug:
    Cannot find project file for animation frame
    Condition: FileExists(GetProjectPath().c_str())
    File: Projects\AnimationFrame.cpp
    Line: 186
    Function: void __thiscall AnimationFrame::Load(const class std::basic_string<wchar_t,struct std::char_traits<wchar_t>,class std::allocator<wchar_t> > &)
    Build: release 59 (32-bit) checked
    Component: Construct 2 IDE
    (Last Win32 error: 3)
    You are using a 'checked' release of Construct 2, intended for testing, which causes certain errors to be reported this way.  Hit Ctrl+C to copy this messagebox - it's useful information for the developers, so please include it with any bug reports!  Click 'Abort' to quit (unsaved data will be lost!),'Retry' to turn off messages for this session and continue, or 'Ignore' to continue normally.
    Abort   Retry   Ignore   
  • Thank you , you're so kind!

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  • isn't he...

  • I had the same issue with images. Reverted back to r58. Now 12 hours later we have r60.

    Sucks that I'm at work and can't tinker with it... <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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