[r260] Angle of gravity does not work as before

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  • Problem description:

    I read the requirements but could not find a template, so here is a description of the problem. I have a project based on the "Rotating platformer" example with few differences. The capx is very simple, it contains:

    A "Player" object with the "Platform" behavior that moves to left or right.

    A "Ground" object with the "Solid" behavior that serves as a platform for the player.

    A "GroundSensor" object to trigger the code to change the "Angle of gravity" property of the player.

    The angle of gravity changes according to the shape of the ground. The capx was changed to show the problematic shapes only. When the player is on a curved ground, it can't move anymore. This problem happens with all browsers and started on version r260 and is also present on r261 and r262.

    capx file:


  • My post took ages to appear in the forum! This is not very welcoming to new users.

    Just an update: The problem is also present in Construct 3 since version r102.

  • I wonder if there will ever be an official answer in the bug subforum. If I see the missing feedback to other bugs I get a really bad impression :(

  • Construct 2 is now on long-term maintenance support. If you need better support you should upgrade to Construct 3.

    The problem is that the "Set angle" action can make the player overlap the ground, which is not allowed by the Platform behavior. This causes it to activate its emergency "get me out of here" routine. This typically produces poor results, but by chance the previous algorithm worked well in this case. We recently adjusted the "get me out of here" routine to better handle the common case of moving walls. This improved a number of games, but in this case, prevents it working as well as it used to. Since we have to pick which way works, I think we have to go with the current way, since it's important the Platform behavior works well with moving walls. The good news though is you can get the old routine back by adding the Custom Movement behavior to the player, and after the "Set angle" action, use "Push out of solid (nearest)". That's exactly what it was doing before and gets it working again in the latest release.

  • Shouldn't "get me out of here" be a behavior?

    On its own, and not a feature of another plug.

  • The Custom Movement behavior does expose the various tools used for the algorithm, hence using it as a workaround.

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  • Thanks for the reply Ashley. I will see what is better for us, if we change the project to use this workaround or stay with the previous version.

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