[r221] Save games broken with NW.js export 0.13 ?

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  • Not filing a full report yet - just wondering if others have seen this problem as well

    Save games made with r221 / NW.js 0.13 do not load consistently (desktop export)

    Saving > Loading while staying in the application actually works, BUT :

    Saving > exiting > restarting the game > Loading > the game is not in a consistent state (some objects that were destroyed reappeared, etc.)

    This all used to work with r216, the only difference was to upgrade to r221 and install the latest NW.js exporter

    Anyone else ?

  • I've just tested with my game. Everything works fine.

    Look in your task manager if nw.exe in not still in memory. (the nw.exe doesn't close properly since the last nodewebkit versions and you can have several instances of your game in memory!)

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  • Are you using the old Web Storage or the newer Local Storage ?

    My project was created a while ago, before the Local Storage was introduced

  • I'm using the old one too.

  • Closing, please follow the bug report guidelines when posting in the Bugs forum, otherwise there is virtually nothing we can do about your reports.

  • Sure, wasn't really looking for a "solution" just yet, I was mostly wondering if it was a problem on my end, or an actual bug worth reporting. Maybe I should have posted in the general discussion instead of the bugs section

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