r221 download says file is corrupt or invalid

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  • Problem Description

    r221 (latest stable download) - on Windows10, browser IE11 & Edge - when downloading I get this message: "The signature of construc2-r221-setup.exe is corrupt or invalid".

    URL: https://www.scirra.com/construct2/releases/r221

    Is this program safe to install? (or could it have been modified to include malware)

    The link was

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  • Well that's from the official scirra url, so there's no chance that could be corrupted or unsafe to use.

  • COGames - Did you make sure you completed the download without error?


    Yes it is safe to install.

  • The issue mostly comes from Win8/10 which raises this error with a new digital signature used at that time.

    If you download the beta releases that followed and were using the same signature, no more warnings.

    It is safe to use, just click the "Continue anyway" link that should appear in the warning dialog to install anyway.

    This is not a bug, and this has been covered several times in the Website issues forum.

  • Closing as not a bug.

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