r217 nw.js preview and export error (does not run)

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  • Problem Description

    r217 nw.js preview and export do not open nw.js (with nwjs for v013 installed). Copying package.nw and resources.pak to 32 bit nw v13 folder from github - the exported demo runs correctly. Copying the github files into the c2 nw.js 32 bit folder permits the preview to work properly. Some files also appear to be missing from the c2 nw.js folder structure. c2 nw.js installer downloaded twice, just in case.

    Attach a Capx

    No need - tried platformer example.

    Description of Capx


    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    • Select nw.js preview and run the layout.

    Observed Result

    Nothing happens, not even a background service.

    Expected Result

    Normal nw.js preview.

    Affected Browsers

    • N/A

    Operating System and Service Pack

    W10 64 bit, AMD A10-5800K, NVIDIA GTX 750 Ti.

    Construct 2 Version ID

    r217 64 bit with nwjs-for-c2-v0-13-0.exe installed.

    Reverting back to previous nw.js v12 and r216 and everything works ok.

  • Works OK for me - both preview and export.

  • zenox98 - Mmmm. I find the c2 installer omits 2 files (nw_200_percent.pak and snapshot_blob.bin) compared with github. This might be nothing....

    If I compare the other files that are common between both win32 folders (between the c2/nwjs and the v13 alpha 5 from github) then they occupy different sizes on disk, so there is definitely a dfference. The github files use: 84,675,498 bytes and the c2 installed files use: 89,490,714 bytes. Something's amiss...

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  • Specifically, the following files are different sizes: icudtl.dat , node.dll , nw.dll.

  • I haven't got 'nw_200_percent.pak and snapshot_blob.bin' either but it doesn't appear to affect preview or export for me.

  • Preview works for me - minus full screen support (not sure why)

    Exports do not

    x64 Export - Opens blank window and hangs

    x32 Export - Opens blank window and hangs

    I'm going to dig a bit deeper - the no full screen support leads me to believe it my be an issue with "Loader Style"

    Curious zenox98 - What are your export option settings?

    Mine are as follows - (worked before update)

    • Single Instance *Checked
    • Window frame *Un-checked
    • Resizable window *Checked
    • Kiosk mode *Un-checked
  • facecjf - I have the first 3 checked and it works, of course, in r216 or with the github files copied over....

    zenox98 - I think this bug report should read that the c2 installed nw.js files are different to those on github.

  • I never use minify (because I refuse to install java (in)security rubbish on my system)

    PNG compression is Standard

    Options untouched(default) i.e. top 3 ticked, last one unticked (kiosk mode)

  • zenox98 I'll test without minify and play around with options. (I understand the security issue )

    Well it's not a loader issue. I just tested the different loading options and even set it to have my game go strait to start screen. No dice on export. Same effect - Blank screen hangs

    Colludium :/ I may have to resort back to r216 and use NW.js 13 - manual install via git

  • same here. Hitting preview on any project, even blank new empty project just shows the "Starting preview" progress bar and that's it. Need to force shut C2 from task manager.

    Win 10 64bit C2 r217 and NW13

  • facecjf - I'm doing the same. All is well now I've replaced the c2 nw.js files with those from github.

  • I get the same. Works fine on preview blank screen on export.

  • Same as above. Blank black screen without any loading.

  • i updated construct 2 but i think im going to wait before i update NW.JS, seems to be very unstable at the moment... (alpha)

  • Well... It's a least it's comforting that I see the same users facing the same NW issues.. So there is that

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