[r202] Video change playtime bug

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  • Problem Description

    When using the video object and the video is paused it is not possible to change playtime. Only if Play is used afterwards or you do a workaround using a wait between a play and pause video. Which is not very convenient.

    Attach a Capx

    No need.

    Description of Capx

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    Add video object

    Pause the video

    Change playtime

    Observed Result

    Doesn't change playtime

    Expected Result

    That it would change playtime even though the video is paused.

    Affected Browsers

    Tested in NWjs

    Operating System and Service Pack

    Windows 7

    Construct 2 Version ID


  • while you might not think a capx is needed it is required even if it's simple for you to reproduce

  • while you might not think a capx is needed it is required even if it's simple for you to reproduce

    The reason not to upload a capx Is that it will take longer time to download and open the capx than it is to add the video object, set a video source and while its paused changed the playtime.

  • nimos100 not if we do not have the same video source that you are using. You will need to upload a *capx project that has either a test source that works, or the one that you are testing with.

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  • But you can use any Webm file, what if the video source I used was 250 mb or copyrighted material for someone else? Then I wouldn't be able to make a bug report? Im not trying to annoy anyone, im pointing out a problem, that is meant as a help to Scirra so they can fix it and thereby improve C2. It can be tested in 2 min by doing what I wrote in the original post using any video file. If they have no interest in fixing it, because they believe it is linked to my source file and don't want to spend 2 min setting up a project, then they can just close the bug report and then the problem will appear solved, that is perfectly fine with me, even though I wouldn't agree on handling bug reports like that.

  • Not everyone has a WebM file lying around. I mean, it is probably expected Ashley to have such a file for testing services, but just saying, it is quicker to download a single forum-attachment *.capx file, contrary to your thoughts on the matter.

  • In general I agree with you and if you read some of my other bug reports I do think that I put a good bit of effort into making them. And in most cases I even create a simple Capx to show the problem, when I think its needed. Having posted and reopened and re-tested approximately 10-12 bug reports the last 14-18 days or so.

    Having spend a lot of time trying to figure out whether I did something wrong in my code or not, to make or try to make work around, which there are lots of in my program already, and those haven't been added as bug reports. To creating small capx for almost all the bug reports, except maybe 2-3 so they could be uploaded here. writing bug reports for all 10-12 of then, including images showing where things go wrong. Adding it all together I have spend several hours doing all this.

    Then I have to reopen one of them for the third time, because It was closed without being tested. And then to be "corrected" in how to make proper bug reports, because some people assume that the developers can't bothered to do 4 simple steps in there own program that takes 2 minutes? To be honest if that is to much to ask then I don't really give a damn, and they can close it if they want.

  • Closing, please follow the bug report guidelines. Often people assume we can reproduce the problem where we cannot, or forget to mention steps that are critical to the bug report, so we require a .capx to ensure we can see what you are seeing.

    If you need a test video I recommend finding a clip of Big Buck Bunny or some other free-to-share video.

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