r198 problem with object visibility

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  • screen video until 1 minute:


    Problem Description

    Got a new Problem with r198,

    objects disappear/appear/disappear at multiplayer client side.

    means the sprite objects are missing in screen.

    Attach a Capx

    I consider it belongs changes from r197 to r198

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

      i testet it with multiplay pong example too. start in firefox, copy paste url in new tab

    Observed Result

    objects disappear/appear/disappear at multiplayer client side.

    switch tab and go back to client tab, objects appear and disappear again.

    i compared 197 it was ok and since 198 there is this problem.

    Expected Result

    the objects not disappear

    Affected Browsers

    • FireFox: YES (tested with different versions)
    • Internet Explorer: no multiplayer

    Operating System and Service Pack

    testet win 8.1 & 7 standard

    Construct 2 Version ID


  • that doesn't sound as bug, but more of a connection issue with the server, but im just a mere user i need to test it first myself

  • see video, everything was fine before. i put a link at top.

    the server was restartet and c2 devs said the traffic did not go over.

    possible some changes at the multiplayer object.

  • Closing, please follow the bug report guidelines: we can't fix bugs from watching videos. The multiplayer example is working fine here. This problem could easily be caused by your network configuration as well, and we're not hearing any other users reporting problems, so that seems likely.

  • hmmm, i believe you said your example work.

    fact is it works with r197 and not r198 at my pc for what ever reason.

    it happens also at my wifes netbook.

    it happens at pong and my wip project.

    that is my wip project in r198.


    screen video with the problem.


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  • im also currently using 198 version, the example files from construct they work fine here, however your game does not, when i try connect with 2 players from 2 browsers i get the problems u say but only to the player second logged, i think its the coding you did, its detecting both players as the same, and there for 1 will always dissapear or both of them some times, its a signaling error from your events, you should post a picture of that in help section maybe someone can help this might not be a bug, however i don't know for sure, since the examples are working, and ur game does not , might be worth a while recheck your events. cheers m8t.

    but the game does work, once i switch from a window to another a few times, its for sure the signal events ur using, its detecting my ip as being same player in both sides, when i switch to the other 1 , the previews dissapears and viceversa.

    i might know what it is, does your preview game has the pause on out focus selected? you must assure that is disabled when u using as test your own browsers, since will pause between each time u switch from tab to tab, and there for your peer to peer connection will be cut off and then reloaded, and that's why the graphics dissapears, since temporarily your connection is lost. i bet my money on that.

    every time when i switch tabs the info text says i just connected, like i was leaving then reconnecting again, so that's the issue you have... im guessing u over spent last night ?:)) and ur tired, it happens to all of us.

  • i spend hours with it.

    the simple pong multiplayer game have the same effect at r198.

    see screenshots. pause on unfocus is no.

    all multipalyer events have a log entry.

    the gaming pieces destroyed once if client joined room, the sync create it then normally.

    "every time when i switch tabs the info text says i just connected,"

    u got a message? me not. message below is still host or client.

    some new info: if the game runs in seperate browser window everything is ok...

    the problem is only with tabs.

  • ok check this, in the game u posted, when u open the game in 2 tabs, and add create 2 different names, it says who is client and who's is host right? now when u switch between tabs, always the last message appends, it repeats itself, saying " Player1 has connected", then when i switch to the other tab says "player 2 has connected, "every time repeats so somewhere around those lines, the connection is lost, and reconnects. the problem is at on signaling connected> call add connected that should trigger only 1 time , but for u triggers every time when i switch tabs... not sure how to make it work , i dident worked much with the multiplayer functions yet. but its a matter of connection lost in those events recheck the steps from the example game, maybe is something you missed out, sometimes is c2 getting bugged from to many previews(one thing that solves it is saving the game under another name close c2 and then reopen the new game again.) atleast worked for me, if not try clean ur cache or change from localhost:5000 to i had some issues in past with the address local-host being loading slow or blocking previews, its a problem with firewall and how fast u request the preview. il look into it further please move ur thread in a how do i section since Ashley flagged it as closed i don't want to keep it open as a bug more then it needs unless u don't manage to solve it by events or i could try and see if i work a bit in this manner will help, then u can post the full bug report as it should.

    as you said, its the tabs doing the problem, so that means, the game recognizes both tabs being 1 player, i think is because of Firefox latest update, or chrome, if u open the game in Firefox but not in different tabs but in different windows does it act normal?

    but this is meant for multiplayer you testing it from same localhost and ip/machine its basics that sometimes will create problems, cause it reads the same ip adress, so if you connect from 2 different pcs and works, then this is not a bug, but a client side, and you should not worrie about it for future online gaming, since all players will be from different machines. i think is closing to problem solved?

    next time please do first a "How do i ..." post so we avoid reports and wrong posting please... as much i want to help, i cant if its in wrong thread.

  • yo, i have a similar thread open because i thought there is a problem with signalling server.

    clean cache i done even. using also a ip and startet c2 as admin. start from website is the same problem.

    but tab switches do not change the connection. don't understand what u mean.

    host & client i have as log entry.

    in my video u can see both games are still connectet.

    also if the tab is in forground the pieces disappear, should not happen.

    yes, in 2 windows it is ok.

    p2p connection with same ip should not be a problem because ports are used for data transfer.

    i still think its a bug because in last betas i not had this problem.

    also because there was some optimizations for more speed.

    I appreciate for your help.

    ahh u remember me i want install chrome browser at my pc for testing.

    edit: chrome show exact the same problem within tabs.

    it belongs if the window get inactive for example at minimized.

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