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  • Problem Description

    asm.js is cool, but now it's very imperfect and in fact it breaks my game, lol, here's 5 problems. 3 serious and 2 mini.

    1. When physics object falls to sleep, force, impulse, torque and others can't awake it, and it stays freezed forever.

    2. I can't change object's density while previewing/playing by set density action, only the value changes, nothing else at all, objects are acting same with different density, but if i set density in editor, everything is fine.

    3. Ugly Joints! They just kill my project, in box2dweb when you create a revolute joint between 2 objects they are acting like they are sticked together by a titan bar (and 1 of them can spin), in asm.js this bar is replaced by jello or springs.

    1 mini trouble. When density is set to 0 or 0.00001 etc. in box2dweb, object can go through the objects with high enough density, i use this trick sometimes, but in asm.js it's not working. (Maybe not a bug.)

    2 mini trouble. I attached a .capx with asm.js chosen, if you open it, run preivew, then close preview, and choose box2dweb then run preview again, physics will still act like asm.js, only if you restart c2 and then change to box2dweb, physics will act like box2dweb. (Not a problem, but i see the users here posting that there's no difference between asm.js and box2dweb, maybe because they not restart c2 while testing?)

    Attach a Capx


    Description of Capx

    3 Layouts for bugs, 3 Event Sheets for the layouts, text with steps to reproduce bugs on margins on each layout.

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    • Too much steps, i can open 5 threads and describe the steps there, or describe here with screenshots, but everything is already described on margins of each layout in attached .capx.

    Observed Result

    Objects sleeping forever and can't be awaken if don't move them for 2-3 seconds, Density of objects is unchangable by set density action, Revolute Joints are acting like Jello joint.

    Expected Result

    That i can move objects with force, torque, impulse, etc. when i want, Set density of objects by set density action and Revolute Joint that acts normally like in box2dweb.

    Affected Browsers

    • Chrome: (YES)
    • FireFox: (YES)

    Operating System and Service Pack

    Windows 7, 8.1 latest updates, latest drivers.

    Construct 2 Version ID


  • Guess the second problem is caused by your recent bug fix

    Physics: setting density, friction or elasticity no longer recreates the physics body (which caused a 1 frame pause and had performance overhead). Note this fix only applies to the asm.js engine since we plan to phase out the others.

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  • Sisyphus may I ask if the 8 max collision point issue is still present?

  • Sisyphus may I ask if the 8 max collision point issue is still present?

    Seems like it's still present, i just created an object with 9 dots, and caught an error on start of preview.

    edit: Hmm, in my game i had objects with 13 or 14 points, but they are spawned during the game, not on start, and i can spawn them and ride them very smoothly, and no errors, and asm.js is enabled, pretty strange.

    BTW here's the screenshot of supercool joints in action


  • I've also found the 8 point max to be inconsistent. IMO asm.js is nothing but trouble with little discernable performance improvement to compensate for these limitations...

  • Hey guys, i found that sometimes you can use more than 8 poly points, i don't understand in what cases, but here's one of them. Look how the points are placed on the ball.


    And if i place the points like here, i have an error on start of layout.



  • Please report bugs separately in future - it makes it easier to track the open/fixing/closed status of each issue.

    1+2 should be fixed in the next build. I can't see any issue with 3, it looks more or less the same with both engines here, and the built-in revolute joint example seems to work very similarly too. Please file another report if you still think there is a problem. Closing.

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