[r191] For Each/Spawn Another Object BUG [CAPX]

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  • Problem Description

    Either "For Each" or "Spawn Another Object" (or even save/load) doesn't work properly for few seconds, after Save -> Refresh -> Load

    Attach a Capx

    See attached Capx

    Description of Capx

    There are 6 RED sprites overlapping each a BLACK sprite.

    Every tick, each RED overlapping BLACK (all 6) spawns an arrow, and set its angle toward the BLACK the RED is overlapping (the arrows fades out in 0.1 sec to avoid garbage)

    Normally, each arrow points to the BLACK overlapping "its own" RED (from where it was originated), but if you follow the steps below, something STRANGE happens.

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

      1 - Save (S) 2 - Refresh the page (or close/run preview) 3 - Load the previous save (L)

    Observed Result

    1 - Check the Arrows, for few seconds after loading, they are NOT pointing EACH to the BLACK picked by the condition as they should, but to a single BLACK.

    2 - Wait few seconds and the bug disappears (arrows go back to pointing each to its proper BLACK), this doesn't always happen, i don't know why.

    Expected Result

    Arrows should always point to each black picked by the condition, but this doesn't happen if you save, refresh and load.

    This bug has awful consequences in my game! (plz fix it Ash i luv you :3)

    Affected Browsers

    • Chrome: YES
    • FireFox: YES
    • Internet Explorer: NOT TESTED

    Operating System and Service Pack

    Win7 64 Ultimate SP1

    Construct 2 Version ID

    r191 (but i presume it did happen in 190 as well)

  • Any idea on how to overcome this before (and if) Ashley settles it? It is very gamebreaking for my project

  • Looks like using "Create Object" and adapting the events to it solved the issue in my project, the bug is still there for C2 though, but it concerns "Spawn another Object".

  • Thanks, should be fixed in the next build.

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  • Thanks, should be fixed in the next build.

    Thank you

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