R190 - jerking on IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera

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  • Ashley scratch that... as I already stated the original capx works perfectly smooth in IE11. So there's no glitch in the acceleration parameter.

    So maybe there was a less pronounced vsync issue in Chrome prior to what it is today? Maybe it was so small people didn't notice it as much. Not sure which NodeWebkit I am using - not sure how to tell. But I downloaded a previous version which made all my vsync issues disappear. Perhaps the acceleration parameter of the bullet behavior exposes the issue?

  • Unknow01 - I am interested in this problem, but like jobel says I need to be able to rule things out in order to make progress on the problem, and you still have not reported on IE11. In order to allow me to be as helpful as possible in bug reports I need all this information, which is also why it's in the bug report template. Opera uses Chrome's engine so doesn't bring any new information, and both Chrome and Firefox currently have known v-sync issues on Windows, but IE11 does not. Therefore if you test IE11 and report that it works well, that would identify that it's probably that you're just seeing known issues in Chrome and Firefox that others are seeing; if you still see problems in IE11, that would point towards a possible issue with the C2 engine, but without testing, I am inclined to assume you are seeing the existing Chrome/Firefox issues and therefore these are browser-side issues and not a C2 issue that is our responsibility to fix.

  • Unknow01

    Have you tested chrome canary? It's got really good vsync most of the time; if it fails try resizing the window. Here's the link:


    What about the older version of node-webkit? If you are on r190, you can switch out the current node with the older, stabler one by swapping a few files. I wrote a guide on this here:


    Don't expect firefox to work very well under any circumstances; it's by far the worst of current browsers, exhibiting unstable performance on anything more complicated than a simple web game. They're supposed to be working on this, but...

  • Ashley, if you think that it is not C2 issue - close this post. I tested around 10 HTML5 games on some game portals and not find jerking issues like with C2. I will take a look on different html5 creators.

  • Unknow01 - I still need you to test IE11 to establish whether or not this is a C2 issue.

  • If I find someone with IE11, I ask him for test C2 exported project.

    BTW why you can not test it yourself? In IE11, Chrome, FireFox and Opera?

    I looked on v-sync issues between Chrome and HTML5 and not find so many about it. And because I can not focus only on one browser I think I will not stay with C2.

  • so I ran this on IE11, Chrome 39, and firefox31, windows 8.1

    "jerky" is such a technically precise term. So this is what I saw

    firefox: seems smooth but it wasn't working properly

    chrome: it was jerky at the start and seemed to get smoother as things progressed (after about 5 seconds). sometimes this is worse than others. a clear jump at times.. so I guess that's jerky.. it could be as Ashley said earlier... the JIT compiler is loading up.

    ie11: it didn't have the jerkiness, but didn't seem as smooth as chrome when things were going fast. however it's hard to say what that was as it's too fast for me to comment. I doubt it would be noticeable in a game.

  • I am asking you to test it to help identify whether the problem is specific to your system or not. All these questions I am asking you are 100% routine and I generally ask them on every single bug report.

    It may be worth testing Chrome Canary and Firefox Nightly as well, since I think both browsers have made improvements lately.

  • I am asking you to test it to help identify whether the problem is specific to your system or not. All these questions I am asking you are 100% routine and I generally ask them on every single bug report.

    It may be worth testing Chrome Canary and Firefox Nightly as well, since I think both browsers have made improvements lately.

    Ashley, I know you asked before. I tested it on two computers myself. Project was tested by my friends and some people here tested it too - and have same problem. So please, leave an idea that problem is in my system.

    We will see if new browser updates will fix this jerks. Otherwise projects / games shere is something moving (ball, players etc..) will not be accepted by playerbase.

  • Tested again in Chrome (Normal/Canary), FF (Normal/Developer), IE11, and Node-Webkit.

    The only platform that showed any 'jerking' was Firefox (of course).

    At high speeds the movement of the ball begins to look less smooth because of the high contrast between it and the background, and the lack of natural motion blur.

    On my monitor there is a prominent, distracting after image, but that is the nature of viewing fast motion on an IPS screen, not a glitch.


    Have you tried some of the built in template games (flappy bird, space shooter, auto-runner, etc...)? Do they 'jerk'?

  • Yes, template games jerks too. At this moment I am looking on Turbulenz HTML5 engine which support 2D/3D and is open source (free). Games created in this engine looks more smooth even when they have lots of objects, animations, collisions and music.

  • Ashley

    Pshhh... I'm totally jerking Jokes aside... with all of the experimenting I've been doing with Insanity's Blade, I'm finding that it might be other issues and not C2/ExporterTypeX.

    I'm saying this because I took a Windows 7-32bit machine with a 460gtx - all drivers up to date - replaced it with a way more under powered card 8600gt and blam - game went from unplayable to occasionally jerky (probably old 5400rpm drive and crap ram).

    Then on my lunch break yesterday, I downloaded our steam build on my work machine. This is probably an early i5 with a 450s. Clean install of windows a couple of months back. I use it for work/unity. I was expecting the game to run bad as It's a pretty bare bones work station. Nope - 60fps - not one little hitch. All drivers up to date. Game ran smoother than on my i7 with 16gb ram and an GTX860m.

    Clean install machines seem to run games in Node Webkit no problem - I bet it I installed a fresh build of windows 7 on my older machine, the game would run without a hitch. The problem is finding what app/drivers are causing the hitching. The old machine does it every half second. But you don't really notice it due to all the action on the screen.

    I'll keep messing around with different machines - and obviously I'm going to get hit with the "your game won't run on my 10+ year old dumpster find, you suck, give me back my money!!!" Mails like when we posted the Demo and early access on Desura. Maybe these findings can at least prove useful to make a FAQ about frame rate issues and drivers

    Oh - We also made a batch file to launch the game with node-webkit commands, this is clearly helping the frame rate:

    --disable-threaded-compositing --ignore-gpu-blacklist --enable-zero-copy --disable-application-cache


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  • Ashley I have to say that I'm also experiencing major "jerking/lagging" since I updated from C2 184 to 191.

    All my games have been running like a charm but now all of them are lagging when you play in chrome, firefox, IE11 and preview over WiFi. Every single method is jerking badly. And this ruins the whole game. Even the game templates included in C2 lags. So what can we do about this? I've tried to uninstall and install the older versions of C2 but the lagging remains.

    I'm sitting on a monster computer running 64-bit so I know its not my computers specs that's causing this and all drivers are up to date. Can it have something to do with our 64-bit computers? Because it seems to run fine on 32-bit systems?

    So please help us find a way to fix this so we can keep working on our projects in C2

  • Thanks Anonnymitet for report. Jerking is serious problem and ruin game experience.

  • Ok, I've managed to get rid of all my jerking now by uninstalling Construct 2 R191 and backed up my plugin and behavior folder. I then deleted my whole C2 install directory. Then I downloaded and installed C2 R189 instead and added my old plugins and behaviors again and BOOM! No more lagging and jerking. Runs like a charm again.

    So I'll stay at version 189 for a while now until I know the "jerk issues" has been tended to

    But this will do for now. Finally I can start my new project

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