R190 - jerking on IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera

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  • Unknow01 One question. Try to set your game in C2 to "Letterbox interger scale". Does it still look jerky when you try to play the game with this setting?

  • Anonnymitet and damainman, what is your preview performance like if you replace the C2 node files in the win32 folder with those from Node Version 0.10.5 - and then preview using nw? I only ask because my game is very poor when viewed using Chrome, but using the version of nw based on Chrome 35 (before Google broke it) everything is butter smooth. A light at the end of the browser development tunnel, I hope....

  • Has there been any progress on this in the last month??

    I thought I was going crazy. I have been working on a few big projects and then a while back I started getting jerking. I have been running circles trying to figure out whats wrong... when I started making smaller, very simple games (like here is a red square, move it around the screen with 8 direction behavior) I still get jerks every few seconds. Its just like the op described. Smooth, smooth, jerky, jerk, smooth...etc. The debugger still reports 60 fps at all times!

    It has been a debug nightmare (except I did find a few bugs in my game that caused 1 frame lags, but nothing serious).

  • Colludium how do I get c2 to use this older node webkit?

  • Ruskul

  • FYI Chrome got a patch aimed at fixing the v-sync issues on Windows which should go in to v41, which I've also heard from Intel will be the next version node-webkit is based on. So I'm pretty sure the next node-webkit update will fix this.

  • IE 11 is "jerking/lagging" the same as chrome.

  • Ashley - when will that be released in construct 2? I'm in no real hurry at the moment but will be exporting a project soon.

  • same problem for me just after updating C2 to r190

  • Anyone knows if this issue has been fixed with the current stable release?

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  • Dito on Lato 's post. does (r195) fix the problem or are people still using workaround. Also, I don't understand why nodewebkit has to be updated to the most current version every time there is a construct 2 release. Don't fix what isn't broken...

  • Just checked, no it's not. Still no correct vsync.

  • I don't understand why nodewebkit has to be updated to the most current version every time there is a construct 2 release.

    You don't have to update node-webkit when c2 gets updated.

  • same problem for me here :s

  • Hmmm, tis ok, another update to chrome should be out in a few months - maybe they will fix it then!

    Seams to me Google want to kill HTML5 gaming.

    Man this is really getting to be old hat!! We live in hope...

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