[r186.2] Audio crash on iOS-ejecta (with fix)

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  • Problem Description

    When you minimize the C2-ejecta application and go back to it, you get a javascript error about a null context

    This change fixed it:

    in the Audio plugin:

    +++ ...\exporters\html5\plugins\audio\runtime.js
    @ -2726,7 +2726,7 @
             // upon resume: first resume the whole context
    	[li]if (!s && context["resume"])[/li]
    [/ul]+        if (!s && context && context["resume"])
             var i, len;
    @ -2734,7 +2734,7 @
             // after suspend: also suspend the whole context
    	[li]if (s && context["suspend"])[/li]
    [/ul]+        if (s && context && context["suspend"])
    For some unknown reasons, context might probably be null during a few frames and then the audio kicks in back.
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  • This change was already made in r187!

  • Ah! my bad (: I didn't update 'cause in 187 there's a potential breaking change and well... I don't have time to deal with it at work =), anyway that's neat, thanks.

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