[r182] Put a sprite on a layout with a global layer

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  • Problem Description

    an error occurred when i put a sprite on a layout with a global layer.

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    • Create an empty project
    • Put Layers 0 to Global
    • Duplicate the Layout 1
    • In this new layout , trying to create a new sprite in the layer 0, that is the global layer in the first layout

    Observed Result

    an error occurred

    Expected Result

    was not supposed to be possible to create a sprite on this layer.

    Editor don't tell you to modify the original global layer

    Operating System and Service Pack

    Win7 x64 sp1

    Construct 2 Version ID

    Construct 2 beta release 182

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  • I just had exactly this error as well, except I was creating a sprite on a non-global layer....

  • Thanks, should be fixed in the next build.

    Colludium - this bug refers specifically to a case involving global layers. If you get an error without using global layers, it is probably a different bug, so please report it separately.

  • Ashley - I'll see if I can reproduce it again. I was using global layers in my project and am fairly sure that I was trying to create a sprite on a non-global layer in a layout that did have global layers already established. I could be mistaken, though, as the only time I receive this error now is when I try and create a sprite on a global layer....

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