[r166] Multiplayer Room Lock?

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  • Problem Description

    I noticed in the changelog that it mentioned the option of locking rooms when they are full so no one else can join them, but I could not find the option to do that anywhere.

    Wasn't sure if this was a "bug" or if I'm just completely missing the option somewhere hidden. Posting it here just in case

    Also would it be possible to lock a room that is not full?

    Or force-join a room that is locked/full?

    Operating System and Service Pack

    Win7sp1 x64

    Construct 2 Version ID

    r166 - Steam

  • You should probably have posted this in the 'How Do I' section.

    Ashley's build post states:


    "Auto-join room" is similar to "join room", but once a room is full it tries another room. For example auto-joining "myroom" with 2 max peers will put the first two joining players in to "myroom", the next two joining players in to "myroom2", the next two in to "myroom3", and so on. In other words, players get automatically assigned in to separate games with the correct number of players.

    You can also optionally "lock" a room once it becomes full with this method.


    Therefore. the lock option is part of the Auto-Join Action.

    This implies there is no bug.

  • Closing as not a bug.

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  • Hm, guess I must've misinterpreted it then. I took it as a function that was introduce to the multiplayer object of it's own, enhancing the current way it works overall for rooms.

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