[R163] Renaming an Animation Erases Frame Content on Save

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  • To reproduce:

    1. Create an empty project and save it as a single .capx file.

    2. Add a sprite to the layout, and draw something in the editor for the Default animation

    3. Close the animation editor, and save.

    4. Open the animation editor for the sprite and rename 'Default' to something else.

    5. Close the animation editor, and save.

    6. Open the animation editor and notice that the sprite editor now only shows a small dot in place of the previous drawing for that frame.

    7. Run the layout and see Javascript bug: "Cannot read the property 'poly_pts' of undefined".

    EDIT: Found a workaround. Save the project after renaming an animation, and then close and re-open the project. The frames should be restored.

  • So renaming animation is doing that!

    I had this issue many time but couldn't figure out why is this happening.

    Easy solution save your file as a project folder. Then when you open image editor it will be fixed - if not then right mouse click on animation frames panel and select Reload from disk.

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  • Yes, the project file or project folder both seem to be perfectly fine. It's something that's going on in memory after you save. If you close and re-open the project, the frames are back. Weird. At least it's not as bad as I thought. It would suck if it was completely erasing the frames when you save it.

  • Ashley, have you been able to reproduce this issue?

  • I've had this happen several times during my current project. The animation frames lose their picture and image points are gone too (I think). I only find out when I play the game and see a big error message out of nowhere. I think mine happened for the same reason as yours.

    I tried to reproduce this with a new project, and it did as he said.

    I also noticed that if you do NOT save right after renaming, that it does not create this error. If I preview it without saving, it usually works. So renaming the animation, then saving seems to be the issue. Of course, I don't know if saving later will have any effect, so I don't want say for sure.

    Also, it does not seem consistent, but I was able to get the error to pop up multiple times while trying.

  • Thanks, should be fixed in the next build. The saved file does not appear to be affected thankfully, so you should be able to just close and reopen C2 to fix it.

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